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for some reason Barakamon just makes me want a AU involving Kuroh being sent to island by Ichigen because he punched a guy over one of  Ichigen’s haikus, then meeting school kids Shiro and Neko just chilling in his new house

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i never knew how much i needed teacher Anna and drunk Anna

after granting everyone’s wishes Neko would grant her own

Life if the Kagutsu crater didn’t happen.

What it would be like to have a normal school life with Shiro, Kuro and everyone she met at Ashinaka.

"Everyone’s happy now, right?"


"I’m the only one left"

"… I get it."

"It must be my turn now"

"What will I wish for~?"


“Were you having a nice dream, Neko?”

The wish she wanted granted more than anything was to see Shiro smiling at her, gently patting her head as she wakes from her sleep, to smell Kuro’s cooking and just be together. A wish that has already been granted countless times, and will continue to be granted.

what I really want is something where Neko decides to grant everyone in K wishes in their dreams via illusions

"I want everybody to be happy! So I’m gonna grant everyone’s wishes! Nyao-kay!"

Anna: “A world where Tatara and Mikoto didn’t die, our lives went on as usual and bad things never happen.”

Yata: “If everything went back to the old days, before Saruhiko ever betrayed Homra, if the two of us still hung out with Aya…. and if Totsuka-san and Mikoto-san were still alive.”

Kusanagi: “Could ya’ grant me a glimpse at my life if it wasn’t so complicated?” [life as a simple teenager with idiot friends who became a simple bar owner]

Totsuka: “To know what it would be like to go to high school with everyone. It would be kinda interesting, right?”

Mikoto: “Any wish? A world where I wasn’t a King.”

Fushimi: “Wishes? I don’t have any.” [he is granted a view as to what his childhood would be like if he had normal upbringing]

Seri: “If you really can grant me a wish then, can grant this for me? My own business or store?” [Seri and Yoshino own a café together, Munakata and Kusanagi are regulars, everyone loves the menu centred on anko and mayonnaise]

Munakata: “It is but a simple wish, a peaceful afternoon accompanied by friends.”

Daikaku: “To spend another day with Weismann and Claudia. And thank you.”

Kuro: “Even if it may only be an illusion, I would like to spend a day with Ichigen-sama, along with Shiro and you.”

Weismann/Shiro: “I could wish to see nee-san once more, but it’s about time I stopped dwelling on the past. Being with you and Kuro is already enough for me.”


Kamamoto: “There isn’t anything in particular I would wish for, but I guess it would be nice to relive one of the old days. AH! I know! How about December, from two years ago, including New Year’s.”

Doumyouji: “I want a cake twice the size of me!”

Kamo: “Can I wish to be allowed some more time with my daughter?”

Enomoto: “Could I wish for the world to be like a MMORPG? But not the kind I can’t log out of.”

Hidaka: “I can wish for anything right? Then… I want a world where me and the rest of the guys from Scepter 4 went to the same university. And Fushimi-san got along with everyone. (And maybe a bit more pleasant.)”

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